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What is it My Copper Bonsai? - Mi Bonsai de Cobre


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Born in the 80’s. It emerges from the fascination for natural forms, from the winding trunks and branches with their capacity to entwine and the power of their roots to sustain these beautiful forms of life.


Analysing an internal structure necessary for this balance, defying all logic.


The inicial personal motivation was to make gifts for friends and family members, to show them respect and afection, wishing them happiness, health and prosperity. The value of these presents came from the effort and personal dedication put in to each one. This is how the Bonsais maintain a relationship of frendship and love.


It’s not only a simple siluette, like in the case of all artists, the work is nourished by an array of factors that influence imagination and creation.

 Each Bonsai needs it’s time to be designed and worked on, from the moment the wires are cut, even before they begin to be twisted.

They are made with copper, one of the few materials found in nature in it’s pure form, not combined with any other elements. This is the main reason it was one of the first used by humans.
It’s known to be very plyable, allowing to form sheets and very thin wires, similar to the ones used to make the Bonsais.
It’s also recognized for it’s biological properties, both for animals and plants.
Twsiting this material is how we create these hand made trees, from their roots up to the last leaf.

Their final shape was determined after years of practice and multiple designs.
The more Bonsais you make, the more you learn.

The relation between the colors and their meening has been analized since ancient cultures up to contemporary psycological studies. The different tones have different efects on our sensations, our behaviour, and maybe, even over our beeing.
On our behalf, we collect these studies and summarise theses in general concepts to retake these factors which are sometimes unaknoledged or forgotten.


copper bonsai


The best caracteristic :None if the trees are the same as one another. They may have the same colored leaves, or a similar shaped truk, but each of them is unike.
Their shape, their foliage, the details in their leaves and roots. They even age diferently, two Bonsais can be in the same conditions, made from the same materials, but still they will act differently.

After seeing how this global situation is changing mankind, we wish for the Bonsais to be a way to revive values that are asleep inside us and remind us that our own will is storng enough to overcome all limitations.




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